Dreambox DM520 Digital DVB-S2 receiver 2017-2-18
  DM520-SDigital DVB-S2 receiver for HD TV- und radio programs Main features are the new Broadcom Processor and H...  
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Solo pro V3 Released ! 2016-2-29
  SOLO PRO V3main:1. DVB-S2/S Tuner2. BCM7358 752MHZ MIPS Processor3. 512MB RAM (2*256MB DDR3)4. Image Support: Openpli,Openvix,OpenATV,OpenHD,Blackhole,Italy7 and so on5. Equipped With Powerful...  
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Herobox EX2,EX3,EX4 HD released ! 2016-2-29
 Herobox EX2,EX3,EX4 HD released !  ...  
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DM8000 HD PVR Satellite receiver Preview ! 2014-5-22
DM8000 HD PVR  Satellite receiver Preview !     ...  
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Cloud ibox 2 plus and Cloud ibox 3 2014-5-22
   CLOUD-IBOX  III Twin Tuner Satellite Receiver ( DVB-S/S2+T2/C Tuner built-in)        - Broadcom MIPS CPU with 500MHz ;   - 512MB Flash, 512 MB DDR SDR...  
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The latest VU SOLO PRO BOX Released ! 2013-12-31
 The latest  VU SOLO PRO  BOX Released ! The Advantages Of  VU+SOLO PRO: 1. The design scheme of VU+SOLO PRO is basing on the scheme of VU+SOLO.And it it the improved version of ...  
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Mini VU Solo , Cloud Ibox In stock ! 2013-11-11
 Welcome to contact us for the Mini VU SOLO  and Cloud Ibox !  Not much in stock becuase of chips limited,  First come first served !...  
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Advantage of MINI VU+SOLO compare with DM800 HD 2013-7-25
Advantage of MINI VU+SOLO compare with DM800 HD 1. Broadcom Mips:  MINI VU+SOLO:Processor 333 Mhz; DM800 HD: Processor 300 Mhz; 2. Open- source:  MINI VU+SOLO: Linux operating system(Enigm...  
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