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Advantage of MINI VU+SOLO compare with DM800 HD
2013-7-25 12:13:52

Advantage of MINI VU+SOLO compare with DM800 HD

1. Broadcom Mips:  MINI VU+SOLO:Processor 333 Mhz; DM800 HD: Processor 300 Mhz;

2. Open- source:  MINI VU+SOLO: Linux operating system(Enigma2); DM800 HD: Linux operating system (Enigma2);

3. HDMI connect:  MINI VU+SOLO: HDMI to HDMI; DM800 HD: DVI to HDMI;

4. Flash memory:  MINI VU+SOLO: 2GB NAND Flash / 1GB RAM; DM800 HD: 64MB NAND Flash / 256 GB RAM;

5. WIFI:  MINI VU+SOLO: Support 3G dongle; DM800 HD: Not support;

6. IPTV:  MINI VU+SOLO: Support; DM800 HD: Not support;

7. Update:  MINI VU+SOLO: Software upgrade via USB and Network; DM800 HD: S31cm x 20cm x 8cm;

8. Package Size:  MINI VU+SOLO: 26cm x 21cm x 9cm; DM800 HD: 31cm x 20cm x 8cm;

9. Package Weight:  MINI VU+SOLO: 1kg; DM800 HD: 2KG;

10. USB port:  MINI VU+SOLO: 2 x USB2.0; DM800 HD: 2 X USB2.0;


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